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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Purple Minion Cupcakes!

So Doug and I are HUGE Despicable Me fans and we have definitely seen the new movie twice already! I have loved the response we have gotten for the original Minion Cupcakes (click the link to check those out!) and couldn't wait to make some of the new minions!!

I will be the first to admit this was a huge task! I am not a professional baker and have very limited baking and decorating skills but I love cute little minions so I decided to take it on anyway!  The hardest part what the Purple body and that hair! They are definitely my "rough draft" but I still think they are pretty fun and will continue to work at them!

Here is what you'll need:
  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting ( I just use vanilla and color to what I need)
  • Food Coloring
  • Smarties (You'll only use the white ones)
  • Twinkies (They are cut in half)
  • Cotton Candy (hair)
Now we are ready to make some crazy little purple minions!

First bake your cupcakes and let them cool. Do not frost yet.

When I made the yellow minion cupcakes I put the minion faces together on the cupcake but because these have to be purple I tried putting them together a bit before placing them on top. 

Start by cutting your Twinkies in 1/2. They are too tall to balance whole.

Next you will want to mix up your purple frosting! This almost sent me to an asylum because I am so picky about colors and I had to try about 5 times before I got the one that I liked.  You can always buy the Neon Purple gel food coloring and see if that works but I as usual decided to save a buck and drive myself nuts! 

I ended up with an equal ratio of Red and Blue food coloring to get the purple that I settled on.  I think this batch was 10 drops of each but depending on your amount of frosting you will need more or possibly less if you aren't making a lot of them!

Now you are ready to frost your minions! I didn't do the back until the end and I would not worry about doing the top yet either. I wasn't as perfect about frosting as I should have been and now regret it so make sure its really smooth.

Now that we have a purple body we are ready for the face! I love putting their funny faces together because you get to create their silly little personalities! Mix up a little black frosting and then use some of that to make a small batch of gray we well.  I always make black then use some white to make my gray. I like to put them in baggies and cut the tip off so that I have a cheap way to pipe the frosting on in the small lines.

Start with the eye or eyes depending if it is a one eyed minion or two.  I would recommend doing a mix of both because it adds to the overall presentation. All you need is the white smarties and the gray and black frosting. Place a bit of gray frosting behind the white smarty.

Press the smarty on the minions face and let the excess gray form the goggle for you.  If the goggle doesn't form automatically take the gray and pipe a small line around each eyeball and give it a dot on the front of the smarty to let your minions eye look somewhere!

The black is used to make the goggle straps on the sides.

Next became one of my favorite parts! Their crazy teeth! Give the minion a thin smile with the black and then take a smarty and break it up into jagged pieces! I did this with the end of a knife it is super easy.  Now pick out the most fun pieces and start building the jagged smile!

A face only a mother could love! 

Now frost your cupcakes and place the minion on top.  I did this by sliding a fork underneath it and supporting the top with my finger (main reason the top didn't need to be frosted).

I like to use a bit of white frosting on the bottom of the Twinkie to help it stick. 

Now for the hair! I couldn't find purple cotton candy for the life of me and I swear I almost bought a kids cotton candy maker and made my own batch of purple! I didn't and now regret this but I bought the pink and blue cotton candy and tried to make that work.  Make it as fluffy and you can and stick it on top!

Obviously purple would have matched better and been perfect but today this is going to have to work! One warning however is that it doesn't stay as fluffy as I had hoped so put that on just before your event.

Overall I think they turned out pretty good but I will definitely be working on these a bit more to perfect them!

If you are decorating savvy please share your suggestions or if you just want to give me some feedback please do in the comments!!


SheridanR said...

They are super cute!! I love those minions! They crack me up.
I found your post from the Shabby Nest link up

Susan Fidler said...

Thanks Sheridan for taking the time to stop by! The minions are so funny they truly make those movies!